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Harbor Entrance Shoaling

The entrance has shoaled and will be dredged shortly

by Harbormaser

Monday, April 2, 2012

Harbor Entrance Shoaling

The winter has shoaled the mouth of the harbor.  It is still passable for all boats, but those with deep drafts may have to take care on lower tides. 

Our permits (FINS, DEC, TOB) do not allow us to dredge until the middle of May, otherwise we would remedy this issue immediately. The best course of egress through the mouth of the harbor is to stay in the middle of the entrance, veering away from the end of each dock.  Please take a look at the attached diagram for clarification.  Please do not try to enter or exit the harbor while the ferry, garbage barge, freight barge, or other large vessel is doing so as there is not enough width in the deep part of the channel to allow this.

Also, please note that once are able to and do dredge in May you may be asked to move your boat into another slip for a day or two so that the dredging company can reach all necessary areas.

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